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At DOORS Educational Center, we integrate the use of technology for learning. Technology usage is not only an important life skill; it is also a critical skill for future employability as we continue to move toward a more global culture. Depending upon the student’s program, technology may be utilized through computer-based learning, computer applications, computer and internet navigation, or information literacy skills.

Computer-based learning includes the use of educational software and online learning tools centered on specific subject areas. Students enrolled in reading and writing programs will have the opportunity to learn computer applications for word processing and presentations. Through exposure to computer usage, students also learn to comfortably navigate the computer as well as the internet. They learn to organize their work and applications for individualized ease of use.

Although there is a wealth of information available on the Internet, it is important for students to learn how to locate the information they need, think critically about the information they retrieve, and responsibly use the information. Information literacy is comprised of these skills. Students enrolled in reading and writing programs will have the opportunity to use the Internet to locate information. They will also have the opportunity to learn and practice critical thinking skills which will enable them to discriminate between valid and invalid information found online. Finally, they will be exposed to ethical practices for utilizing the information they retrieve.

DOORS Educational Center also offers typing instruction and executive functioning programs which may include instruction on using organizational technology, such as cell phones and other assistive devices. For more information on our programs, please contact us.

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